Learn From Dahlia

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? If you are seeking to increase your flexibility, you can learn from Dahlia in person in Chicago, with special travelling workshops, or online. Dahlia is also available for private lessons which focus on specialized flexibility programs and act building for burlesque and circus performers.

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Flexibility at Brass Ring

Every Tuesday from 9-10pm, Dahlia offers lessons in flexibility at the Brass Ring Chicago. This is a beginner/intermediate level group class which focuses on a different kind of flexibility each week.

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Stretch and Strength at Chicago Academy of Burlesque

If you prefer something a little earlier, classes at CAB are right for you. From 7:00-8:15pm on Tuesdays, you can join this intro level flexibility class. Check out the website to sign up for drop ins, or a full session.

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Specialty Workshops

Advanced Flexibility at Brass Ring Chicago

Are you ready for a challenge? In this flex class we will explore deeper hip and back mobility and dive into some balances and unique ways to strength train your body. Space is limited, so make sure to register ASAP

Travelling Workshops

Dahlia’s travelling workshops include:

  • Stretch and Strength for Everyone- a full body flex shakedown (60 or 90 minutes)

  • Get Down, Now Get Up- transitions into an out of floorwork

  • A Pre-show Practicum- a discussion about preparing for performances

  • Circlesque? Burcus? Combining Circus and Burlesque- an exploration of hybrid act creation

  • Drop Splits?!? Preparing the Legs To Spread- a leg flexibility focused intensive for protecting the knees and hips

    For full syllabi, please contact theladyfatal@gmail.com