She'll bend your mind with her body



Who is Dahlia Fatale


Based out of Chicago, Dahlia Fatale is a travelling contortionist,  burlesque performer and instructor. Dahlia's performances combine the smoothness of classical dance training with the bizarre and super human styling of contortion. Dahlia has been featured at prestigious events across the US and Canada including the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival (Chicago), Toronto Burlesque Festival (Toronto), Theatre Bizarre (Detroit), The Dirty Show (Detroit), Pretty Haute Machine (Seattle), The Big Gay Soiree (St.Louis), Titty 500 (Indianapolis), and Club Bar Sinister (Los Angeles). When in Chicago, Dahlia performs regularly at venues across the city as a solo performer, and is a proud member of The Vertical Sideshow, featured at the 2017 Burlesque Hall of Fame. Dahlia has also played a role in events for a number of corporate clients including the National Restaurant Association, @ Properties and Lagunitas Beer.